The Whole Ninth Floor

All Groups
5m, 5f

Across the street from the 'Mad Men' of Madison Avenue lives the Ten Percenters of the National Talent Agency. It's the same time, 1962, and chicanery is afoot, love is in the air, a secretary is still a toy, boys will still be boys, but the times they are a changin'. Intrigue, skulduggery, and a touch of romance are all happening at once on The Whole Ninth Floor.

"A moment's concentration brings home...the basic fact that Seff weaves a story based on a young man's intense and insistent desire to do the right thing. The laughs come fast, and they are plentiful."

Kenneth G. Wallace, The Patterson Call

"The comedy construction of The Whole Ninth Floor is made up of wall-to-wall witticisms. Seff has a good ear and facile pen for manufacturing witty dialogue. He obviously knows-from first hand experience-Madison Avenue and the talent agency area of show business, for his prototypes and inside trade references are accurate and appropriate."

The Scotch Plain Times

"A sparkling new comedy, a tremendously funny play."

Tom Vaughan, The Herald News

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