Paris Is Out!

3m, 5f
Two interiors

Hortense and Daniel, a married couple of over 40 years, plan to embark on their first European vacation, but the two have very different outlooks on travel. Daniel is convinced he will be unimpressed by the other side of the pond. His conditions for the trip are: no Paris, no Venice, no shopping, sightseeing, or speaking in French. Hortense, on the other hand, is full of life and eager to experience Europe fully. When Daniel embarrasses Hortense in front of family and friends, she announces that the trip is cancelled. As her adult children try to convince her to forgive Daniel, Hortense must decide how she feels about the man with whom she has shared a life for 40 years. Daniel, in turn, to save his marriage must show how much he appreciates Hortense. PARIS IS OUT! is a witty and heart-wanning comedy about the triumphs and struggles of a lifelong marriage.

“The audience gave every evidence of loving it!”

The New York Times

“The audience around me was laughing hysterically.”


"An entertaining family comedy - humorous, tempermental, alive."

Brooks Atkinson

"The audience nudges each other in delicious recognition!"

Hobe Morrison, Variety

"Paris is Out! is as rich and delicious and filling as a large helping of apple strudel."

Leo Mishkin, Morning Telegraph

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