"A book full of warmth, humor and colorful characters. Richard Seff charmingly evokes a time when families gathered around the Philco 95 for an evening’s entertainment."

Michael Riedel, The New York Post, Co-host TheaterTalk on PBS.

"This is a terrific novel. The subject is retro, but not the telling. It’s a very marketable work with credible and attractive characters and a real story. As a child I remember Radio City and indeed, am a creature of the medium that used no pictures except the ones in our heads. I enjoyed Woody Allen’s movie “Radio Days” and the book “Raised on Radio” but I enjoyed this more."

Stefan Kanfer, Author of "The Line King," "Ball of Fire," "Brando," "Groucho"

"Seff is the perfect guide for this hilarious look back at a time that is, sadly, but a memory. After spending page-turning nights reading his book, I had to force myself back to turbulent today from his happy vision of the postwar ‘40s and early ‘50s."

Wythe Dabney, Assignments Editor, Voice of America

"We’ve had plenty of books, movies and plays about Hollywood’s transition from silents to talkies. But what happened when New York morphed from radio to television? While there were no pictures in radio, Seff happily provides many vivid ones with his on target prose and dialogue, aided by Mark Dean’s witty drawings. This is a brilliant new novel that entertainingly captures a time and place."

Peter Filichia, Critic Emeritus of the Newark Star-Ledger